BustoSchool with Nu-Venture

Your guide to travelling to and from school by Nu-Venture bus...


Waiting for the bus

Wait at the bus stop keeping back from the kerb. When you see the bus approaching put your hand out to indicate to the driver that you want to catch the bus. Have your bus fare, Smartcard or bus pass ready before you board to speed up boarding time and help the bus run to time


Boarding the bus

Please board the bus one at a time without pushing. If you have a Bus Pass (YPTP & 16+ Passes scan on the ticket machine - you must take your ticket!*), other passes Please show the driver. Smartcard users Please inform the driver of your destination and then place the card on the reader when instructed to do so, likewise if you are paying a cash fare Please inform the driver of your destination and take your ticket*.


Once onboard

Please find a seat as quickly as you can (No standing is allowed until all seats are taken). The following rules apply:


- NO Standing on the upper deck or staircase at any time, if all the seats are full you must stand on the lower deck, Please note seat saving is not permitted!

- NO Standing on the platform of the bus at any time

- Please take ALL your rubbish with you or place in the bins on the bus (if provided) litter is not to be left anywhere on the bus.

- Please keep the noise to a minimum - Remember the driver has to concentrate on the road and there may also be members of the public onboard! - No Swearing!

- The Bells! - The bell should be pushed once when you want to get off the bus. The bus will stop at the next bus stop each time the bell is pushed, so only push it once.


Leaving the bus

Please ring the bell before the bus arrives at your stop, but remember you need to give the driver time to stop. Please remain seated until the bus comes to a stop, then take all your belongings including your bus pass and PE bag! When leaving the bus.


Once you have got off the bus wait on the pavement until the bus has gone before you attempt to cross the road. NEVER cross the road in front of the bus - you cannot see if any vehicles are overtaking it.

*Bus Tickets

Cash fare payers and YPTP/16+ card holders it is important that you take your ticket and keep hold of it for the entire journey. If an inspector gets on the bus you will need to show the ticket to them along with your pass.



Take Ticket
Scan Pass